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1. Applications are invited from Indian nationals in the prescribed proforma for engagement of Consultants, on contractual basis, in Directorate General of Civil Aviation for a period of one year only or till the Consultants attain the age of 65 years or till Consultants remain eligible as per requirements or till the regular incumbent(s)
join(s) or until further orders, whichever is earlier.
2. The details of eligibility requirements, job profile, remuneration, upper age limit, etc. for engagement of Consultants are available at Annexure-A.
3. The applications in the prescribed proforma neatly typed on white paper in double space and typed on only one side of paper from the eligible and interested candidates should reach the Recruitment Section, DGCA along-with NO OBJECTION CERTIFICATE from the present employer, if any, latest by 10/05/2021 (15:00 hours). Applications not conforming to prescribed format will not be entertained.
4. Self-attested and legible photo-copies of all the relevant documents supporting the candidate’s eligibility in terms of the requirements for the vacancies are also required to be forwarded along-with duly filled in application.
5. The applicant should also ensure that the up-to-date photocopies of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports or Performance Reports, as the case may be, for the last five years along-with Integrity Certificate and a statement of major/minor penalty, imposed, if any, during preceding five years be sent by the present employer(s), if applicable. Applications without the supporting documents will not be considered..
6. Applications received after the closing date or otherwise found incomplete will not be considered. Decision of DGCA shall be final.
7. Only those fulfilling the requirements will be shortlisted and called for documents verification and interview thereof. The selected candidates will be required to join at the place of posting within seven (07) days from the date of receipt of offer of engagement, failing which their selection/candidature shall be treated to be cancelled
without any further communication and no extension shall be allowed.
8. Canvassing by candidates in any manner will invite disqualification of their candidature.
9. In case of non-joining of the selected candidate as Consultant on purely contract basis, she/he shall be debarred for a period of one year from the date of refusal or cancellation of his/her candidature, whichever is earlier, for applying against any vacancy on contractual basis in DGCA.

POST: Legal Officer (Regulations and Information) 

Tentative number of Region-wise Vacancies : One (01)

Upper age limit : The upper age limit shall be 63 years as on the date of issue of the said Vacancy Circular

Eligibility Requirements : Essential:-
(i) Degree in Law from a recognized university.
(ii) three years’ experience in the field of legal practice.
Out of total experience, at least one year experience of legal practice in aviation matters such as leasing of aircraft, liability regime, acquisition and merger of airlines.

Fixed Monthly Remuneration : Rs.55,000/- (Rupees Fifty Five Thousand Only)

Duties and Responsibilities:-
The duties of legal officer require making drafts, proposals for carrying out amendments in the Aircraft Act, 1934 and the Aircraft Rules,1937; examination Of legal matters, preparation and vetting of legal affidavits; filing of complaints in the courts; and other legal matters concerning civil aviation matters; processing of provisions of International aviation law for adoption in Indian legislation.

Terms and Conditions of engagement of Consultants, on contractual basis, in Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
The terms and conditions for engagement of Consultants, on contractual basis, in Directorate General of Civil Aviation are as under: –
1.1 Tenure:- The tenure will be for a period of one year only from the date of assumption of the charge or till the Consultant attains the age of 65 years or till the regular incumbent (s) join (s) or till Consultant remains eligible as per the eligibility requirements or until further orders, whichever is earlier. The extension of engagement beyond one year, if any, shall be as per provisions contained in Clause 1.4 of this terms and conditions.
1.2 Probation:- On engagement, Consultant will be placed on job familiarization assignment and evaluation for a period of one month. During the period, the Consultant will have to meet and maintain the requisite skills, knowledge of the job assigned, medical fitness and in the event of failure, DGCA reserves the right to terminate the engagement summarily without any notice or compensation thereof in term of this engagement.
1.3 Performance Report: – During the period of engagement, there will be periodic Performance Assessment by the concerned Directorate/Division. The concerned Directorate/Division, one month before completion of every completed year of the Consultant will submit performance report of the concerned Consultant and its
recommendations for further continuity of the contract, if any or otherwise of the respective Consultant to Recruitment Section. In the event of failure to meet the requisite standards and quality of output, the
contract of the Consultant shall be terminated forthwith and in such case, no notice period is required to be given to Consultant by the DGCA.
1.4 Extension:- On completion of the tenure of engagement on contract basis, DGCA may consider the desirability of extending the same, on the basis of requirement and subject to performance report, assessment, recommendation of the concerned Directorate/Division and approval of the Competent Authority. In case no request for extension of tenure is received within the stipulated time period, the Consultant will be deemed relieved on expiry of her/his contract with DGCA. Further, completion of the engagement will not confer any right for further extension, regularization, seniority, permanency or any other benefit etc. as are applicable to the regular employees of DGCA. Further, in any case the total period of contract shall not exceed three years
(including initial period of one year) from the date of charge assumption of the Consultant.
1.5 Termination:- In general terms, the engagement may be terminated by the either side, by giving one month’s notice or pay in lieu thereof. However, the DGCA reserves the right to reject the notice of termination of the Consultant in public interest or due to exigencies of work.
1.5.1 If the regular incumbent joins, the contract will be terminated and in that case no notice period is required to be given to the Consultant by the DGCA.
1.5.2 If the contract is terminated for established violation of any procedure or misconduct or any of the clauses of this contract, no notice period is required to be given to the Consultant by the DGCA.
1.5.3 In the event of established ineligibility of the Consultant, the contract will summarily be terminated without any notice period by the DGCA.
1.5.4 Engagement of Consultant in DGCA is subject to further verification of her/his Character & Antecedents from the concerned police authority. In case any adverse report(s) is reported by the concerned authority while verifying her/his character and antecedents or any false information is given by her/him in her/his attestation forms, the engagement shall be terminated forthwith. In that case, no notice period is required to be given to Consultant by the DGCA.

The place of engagement shall be the Headquarters of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) or any of the Regional Offices/Sub- Regional Offices of the DGCA with a liability to serve anywhere within India.
Normal working Hours shall be in accordance with the orders of the Government of India on the subject from time to time. However, presently the DGCA observes five days a week with office hours from 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM including 30 minutes lunch break from 01:30 PM to 02:00 PM.
In addition, the Consultant may be required to work on extended working hours (including weekends), if so required by the circumstances or exigencies of work, in public interest. For the extended hours of work, the Consultant shall not be entitled for any overtime allowance or any compensation for the same.

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